Monday, November 1, 2010


So over the weekend I went to the circus. I had a lot of fun! The reason I went was because one of the kids in the program I'm in got to start the circus. I have never seen a child so happy! He loved it so much that he almost never stopped laughing. The prices for stuff is crazy at the civic center! I payed 6 bucks for a slice of cheese pizza and a small drink! they wanted 10 dollars for a bag of cotton candy and a stupid hat on it. I guess they have to make their money some how though. I took a lot of great pictures of different things including elephants, lions, acrobatics, and clowns.  I had a great time!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Life is I
I am it
There is nothing you can do but lie 
Now your life can be lit

Life is full of changes 
Sometimes there is nothing you can do
You just want to scream
I will face life and punch it in the face
I will do it
No one will hold me back

I will be the one to rise above the rest
I'll be the one 
I will become the best
When its all said and done
Life can be fun 
My life has been won!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fable 3 Trailer - E3 2010

Young Families

This is my cuz, her daughter, and her boyfriend
So in my opinion the next generation has started. I have 3 cousins who now have kids! Also just young people I know in general are having kids so young! I know I want kids of my own, but I'm smart enough to wait until I'm financially ready. I was looking at other blog sites and they were all from young families. Have people learned nothing from the past? I mean seriously how hard is it to use protection. Now I know people don't like using it, but it's better then staying up all night taking care of a screaming child. Now don't get me wrong I love kids, but before I have one I want to know as much as I can. It would be stupid not too. Now if you are young and have financial support then all the power to you. The picture on here is my cousin and she is different because I know she does have the financial support which is awesome.Have as many kids  as you want! So if you have a different opinion then have at it.

Video Games Vs. Board Games and Card Games

Technology has hit the world by storm. So many things have been upgraded by technology. The subject I'm going to talk about is family and child fun. I believe that video games have pretty much taken over in fun for children now a days. When my parents were kids they did things like play outside a lot. They also when it was to late to go outside they would do stuff like play board games and card games. If people disagree please comment. I think now a days video games can be bad and good. Bad in a way that kids that are 8 years old are playing games were they kill people! Now were I'm older a love games like that.I believe its wrong kids playing video games like that around 8years old, parents should know better. They should be outside playing or enjoying time with their family. They're are video games that are also good for kids though too. The wii is an awesome example of a good game system for kids depending on which games you get. Now board games and card games can make your mind work very hard sometimes. Some people believe that when you think of card games you think of gambling, but the way I see it is math. So it would be good for kids if you were to expand that it was fun and learning at the same time. There are also board games which in some cases do the same thing maybe not so much math, but mind activities. So this is my thoughts on this topic, which one do you think is better?

Photo Credit: Larryfire, Gordtep

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Living In The New World Vs. The Old

This post is about young people living now from when people who are 40 years or older were my age. I believe times are harder for kids my age because of first of all the world has become more expansive now a days unlike in the 60's and down. I think some parents now don't get how much harder it is. Young adults stay living with there parents because things have become so expansive. Here are some examples, rent, children, cars, phone, college, etc. Rent for an 1 bedroom apartment is around at least 500 dollars a month but for someone like me who can't afford it, I either have to find some roommates or have a girlfriend or boyfriend that you have been with for awhile and can trust same with the roommates. Lucky I have a really good friend who I can do that with it's just a matter of saving up money. Don't get me wrong people from back had it hard to, but it was different things. Unfortunately some young people are not responsible and have children at a very young age which I think is pretty stupid unless you have good jobs and a good place to have them then that's okay. Like my mom says make sure you rap it up! Cars I think are around the same for people now and back then. I'm not talking about the prices of course but paying for a car altogether. Phone are way more expensive now a days because first of most people have a cell phone instead of a house phone and most of the time cell phones are way more expensive then house phones, but there are good reasons to having a cell phone instead of a house phone. One reason is because it could save your life someday. For example you could be kidnapped and could call the police or if you get into an accident while your driving you could call for help. So these are reasons why I think it's harder to live money wise from now then in older generations.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nub First Post

So I am new to this whole blogging thing soooo I am a nub! If you don't know what a nub is it is a person who is new to something and sucks it at first but, I'm a very quick learner so I get use to things very easily. So I hope to getting off to a good start with these first couple of posts. So wish me luck everyone because I hope to become a better writer and blogger by making this website. So if anyone who checks this post out if you have any advice on blogging or writing just leave a comment and maybe it will help other people who check out this post. Also if people have something they want me write about just hit me up!
And by the way, my co-worker owns lots of blogs introduced me to this and I seemed very interested... so I hope I will keep it up and get better as I post more.